We are a 3-piece band based in Surrey. Scott (drums/percussion) played golf with Nigel (vocals/guitar) who in turn had been friends with Danny (guitar/backing vocals) for two decades.

Danny and Nigel had begun having the occasional jam together which had gathered pace and the suggestion of an acoustic duo called 'Red Sky' was formed. The original name was dropped almost as soon it was chosen in favour of the now established 'Parallel Sky'.

When Scott found out that Nigel played guitar he suggested they have a jam together as he had an acoustic drum kit that had been gathering dust for some time ! Scott's 20-year hiatus was brought to an end and this opened the door for an invite for Danny to join in.


Playing acoustic guitars and drums Parallel Sky was formed and soon became a regular weeknight meet up. It quickly became apparent that we all had a hunger for a little more than acoustic sets.


As well as Danny and Nigel's guitars being switched for electric ones Scott' himself also ventured into the world of electric drums ... and has never looked back. Amps got bigger, set lists got longer and effects pedals soon littered the floor of our practice area.


The idea of a pub gig was floated and that became the target. When Danny moved to Woldingham an invitation to play the Village Club's annual beer festival came knocking and the boys have gone from strength to strength since.

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