I was a rodeo rider as a youngster, sadly got injured involving a horn but the less said about that the better. With my rodeo days firmly over I desperately wanted to continue with this redneck passion of mine.

    Times were hard so I took a shoe box and a ball of bailing twine and I fashioned it                    into a four string which I would pluck away on for hours. 4 strings just never                      seemed enough yet because I had small feet my shoe  boxes weren't big                       enough for a 6 string model.

                                                          Yearning for the money to afford a proper guitar I                                                                  made and sold wooden picture frames in the layby on                                                      the  A22. To top up my income every Thursday I cooked up                                      a pot of gumbo and biscuits that I'd sell for 75 pence a bowl in the                        same spot making sure I didn't encroach upon Rosie's Burger van  -  not                 that she sold gumbo anyway. 

         With earnings secured I haggled with my local music shopkeeper and managed            to obtain a cut price axe. And you know what I did with that guitar? I went right              back to that layby and rocked it all over again!       You bet your sweet ass I did.



         Rock on - FREE WORLD!                        Lishmund OUT.

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